Social responsibility


The company has various types of insurances, including:

  •  Mandatory insurance of employee from accident  during the performance of duties;
  •  Voluntary insurance for illness;
  •  Mandatory environmental insurance;
  •  Mandatory insurance of civil liability;
  •  Life insurance.

Sports in the enterprise

  • The team of LLP "Uranenergo"  annually takes part in the traditional Games of JSC "NAC" Kazatomprom ";
  • Employees of the company has repeatedly won prizes in regional and national competitions in various sports.

The corporate culture of the company is carried out by various methods:

  •  Carrying out activities of social orientation within LLP "Uranenergo" and JSC "NAC" Kazatomprom ";
  •  The development of youth association activities;
  •  By conducting workshops, seminars, programs of adaptation and training at the workplace new values and standards of behavior is introduced;
  •  Award based on personal achievements and results;
  •  introduction of progressive human resources policy.