Company History

History of the company


LLP "Uranenergo" was created in order to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply of uranium mining enterprises of JSC "NAC" Kazatomprom "through the construction with further operation of power grids and substations on the basis of the modern equipment.

Uranium Industry Development Program of JSC "Kazatomprom" demanded in 2006 the construction of new uranium mining complexes in South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions. One of the main obstacles that have a key influence on the perspectives for the implementation of this program is the need for energy infrastructure development in the region of uranium deposits  for the transit of the required amounts of electricity.


To the structure of LLP "Uranenergo" as subsidiaries entered LLP "Taukent-power" and LLP "Shieli-power", carrying out activities on warm-water-electricity and sanitation supply to p.Taukent, p.Kyzemshek, p.Kok-Shoky and nearby uranium mining companies.


From October 1st LLP "Uranenergo" began activities of electric power transportation to facilities of South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions.


Established a subsidiary LLP "Uranenergo-Pul", carrying out activities such as selling electricity, electrical equipment supply and provision of electricity services.


With a view to full implementation of the activities of the operation and maintenance of electrical networks putted into operation in 2012 was built repair and production facility with all the infrastructure.


In order to increase energy efficiency by 2014 in all facilities of Uranenergo was implemented energy-saving technology, replaced all the lights with fluorescent and LED lamps.


The company has implemented an electronic document management system.

Currently, LLP "Uranenergo"  is a modern energy company, carrying out the transmission and distribution of electric energy for uranium mining enterprises of JSC "NAC" Kazatomprom "and contributing to the prosperity of all its customers and shareholders. The total number of employees in the company of about 600 people.


The company manages 15 substations with the voltage of 110 and 220 kV, the length of our power lines is more than 1000 km, and 90% of substations have SCADA and ASCAPS systems implemented.

Performance of the company in 2017 was successful, without injuries and accidents. The following tasks have been successfully accomplished:

  • measures were taken to increase the energy efficiency of mining enterprises and reduce technical losses;
  • developed design estimates for the creation of a dispatch center;
  • the range of services rendered to mining enterprises has been significantly expanded;
  • a metrology laboratory has been acquired, which is currently passing accreditation;
  • technical and economic studies of the networks of LLP "Uranenergo" in conjunction with the Almaty University of Energy and Communication, with which a long-term cooperation agreement was concluded.

Activities for 2017 also include:

  • obtaining accreditation for conducting energy expertise;
  • completion of the first stage of modernization of 110/35 / 6kV GPPM;
  • replacement of an overloaded transformer at the South Inkai substation from 6.3 MVA to 10 MVA;
  • replacement of 6 kV metal-clad switchgear at 110/35 / 6kV PS of GPPU for modern K-59 switchgear;
  • replacement of polymer insulators (LK-110) with glass ones (PS-70E) in the amount of 4000 pieces;
  • Overhaul of Building No. 2 at 110/35 / 10kV Substation GPP-U;
  • overhaul of heat and water supply facilities at 110/35 / 10kV PS-GPU-U substation.

From the objects of capital construction in 2017, sewage treatment facilities were put into operation in the village of Kizemshek by “Taukent-Energyservice” LLP.